The South of Forest Neighborhood Association (SOFNA) is a community organization composed of residents from the southeast corner of the City of Santa Clara who have banded together for the enjoyment and improvement of our neighborhood. As a resource center for neighbors, citizens, and students, this webite provides announcements, our neighborhood newsletter, short articles, guides, full-text documents, and links to related resources.


Our Mission

The mission of the South of Forest Neighborhood Association is to enhance the neighborhood's quality of life and to foster cooperation within the neighborhood and with the extended community.

The goal of this website is to serve as a communication and community-building resource for the association and for all residents of the neighborhood.


SOFNA Boundaries

The area in the City of Santa Clara that forms this neighborhhod is bounded by the following streets:



E-Mail Discussion Forum -- SOFNA maintains an e-mail discussion forum on YahooGroups for information and announcements related to our neighborhood and the activities and issues that affect us.

Residents who live within the borders of the neighborhood are invited to join this e-mail discussion forum. It's easy to request membership in the discussion forum: send an e-mail message with your name and street address to
and follow the instructions that you will receive in a reply e-mail.


SOFNA Nextdoor -- A number of your SOFNA neighbors have also signed up as participants in a program from NextDoor. Similar to the SOFNA e-mail list, Nextdoor is a commercial platform for exchanging messages and news within the SOFNA area and with nearby neighborhoods. The City of Santa Clara also posts announcements to NextDoor. You can find more information at SOFNA.Nextdoor.com.

Structure of SOFNA

SOFNA is governed by a Board whose eleven members are elected annually by the adult residents of the neighborhood.

History of SOFNA

SOFNA is a voluntary, not-for-profit social and educational organization created in 2004 by a motivated group of residents from a neighborhood in the City of Santa Clara bounded roughly by Stevens Creek Boulevard, the San Tomas Expressway, Forest Avenue, the old BAREC site, and Winchester Boulevard. This defines a corner in the southeastern part of the City of Santa Clara that had been County lands but was annexed by the City over a period of years.

... Oops. Soon we hope to have a more complete piece about the creation of SOFNA and plans going forward.



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