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Path & Plants Campaign

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You did it!   For the past four years, friends and neighbors from throughout the neighborhood -- north and south of Forest Avenue and from across the City -- joined with us in making improvements in Parkway Park.

Now, for 2018, we once again need your help! We're asking you to reach into your pockets, pry open your wallet, and get out your checkbook to make a contribution to SOFNA and help support our latest project to improve the Paths & Plants in our very own Parkway Park.


1. Donate today! Use the PayPal [Donate] button above, or make a cash or check contribution. For cash or checks, send us an e-mail and we'll send you the simple instructions.

The plan for 2018 is currently under development, but it will probably involve extending the gravel path around the perimeter, adding extra gravel in low spots where water pools, and making other improvements to the site (removing invasive vegetation, trimming and pruning, etc.). Because of the drought situation, we still do not anticipate planting any new ornamental trees in 2018 year, but that could change.

2. Neighbors are invited to gather in Parkway Park on Saturday, May 12th, for a Work Day where we will repair the path, spread new gravel, and work on other park improvements. Bring the whole family -- there will be tasks for all ages.

3. Join us for a potluck lunch from noon until 2 pm on the 12th, following the Work Day. Remember to bring a dish to share for the potluck lunch.