Board of Directors


Board of Directors for 2020

These Board Members were elected in September of 2019 and serve all of 2020:


Previous Boards


Board of Directors for 2019


Board members for 2018

  • Cindy Baldanzi -- Harold Avenue
  • Debbie Benovitz -- Douglane Avenue
  • Keith Bowman -- Tyler Avenue
  • Royanna Gazlay -- Bel Ayre Drive
  • Rosemary Cabania -- Tyler Avenue
  • Tracie Johnson -- Bel Ayre Drive
  • Charleen Korfman -- Harold Avenue
  • Mike O'Halloran -- Cecil Avenue
  • Roland Schulz -- Douglane Avenue
  • John Shores -- Tyler Avenue
  • Barbara Stealey -- Dorcich Avenue

    Board members for 2017


    Board members for 2016


    Board members for 2015


    Board members for 2014


    Board members for 2013


    Board members for 2012

    (Early in 2012, Tracy Holzman advised the Board that she was resigning because of a move out of the immediate SOFNA area. The Board reluctantly accepted her resignation.)

    Board Members for 2011

    Board Members for 2010


    Board Members for 2009


    Board Members for 2008


    Board Members for 2007


    Board Members for 2006


    The first election for the SOFNA Board was held August 3rd 2004 in conjunction with the annual National Night Out. The polls were open from 6 PM until 8 PM, but absentee ballots were accepted in advance of the meeting.

    Board Members for 2004-2005


    Interim Board 2003-2004 (Founding Members)

    Prior to the election of the first Board, the development of SOFNA had been in the guiding hands of an interim board composed of founding members from the neighborhood.


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