Emergency Preparedness

General Emergency Preparedness Links

SF 72 focuses on important information for the critical 72 hours after a disaster occurs. In a major disaster, it might be several days before vital services are restored. Includes several checklists for first aid and go-bags.

Emergency Alerts and Notifications

Santa Clara County has an alert system where you can receive text/mobile/e-mail/land-line notifications regarding emergencies. You can see the types of alerts and sign up on the Santa Clara County Emergency Alert System web page.

The County's Office of Emergency Services has a special phone app to help ypu plan and respond during emergencies. Download the app (ReadySCC) on the Santa Clara County OES page.

Communicable Diseases

Infect Me Not campaign materials from the City of San Francisco. Information and materials on flu, pandemic flu, and infectious diseases.


Publications and Video

Disaster Preparedness for Dummies [videorecording], Melee Entertainment Home Video, 2005 (Call # DVD 363.34 D61)
This film shows how to create an emergency survival kit, a family emergency plan, and how to prepare for many types of disasters.

Leach, Joel Earthquake Prepared: securing your home, protecting your family rev. ed., Studio 4 Productions Pub. Co., c1995 (Call # 363.3495 L43)
This book describes how to prepare your family and home for an earthquake. It discusses how to protect yourself during an earthquake. Suggestions are given for safeguarding your house after a quake; post earthquake survival tips for your family are provided. An appendix with earthquake-related products and services is included.

Kimball, Virginia, 1944- Earthquake Ready: the complete preparedness guide, 3rd ed., Roundtable Pub., 1992 (Call # 363.3495 K45)
This book also describes how to prepare for an earthquake, what to do during the earthquake, and what to do afterwards. There are chapters on protecting children, the disabled, the elderly, and pets.

The Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Safety, California Seismic Safety Commission, c1992. (Call # 363.3495 H76)
This pamphlet is available online in English and Spanish. It describes how to make your home safer from earthquakes. Anchoring your foundation and bracing your water heater are some of the suggestions given.

Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country: your handbook for the San Francisco Bay Region, U.S. Government Printing Office, 2005.
The handbook is available on-line and can be downloaded in PDF format or ordered for free in a printed version. It provides information about the threat posed by earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay region, and explains how you can prepare for, survive, and recover from these inevitable events.

Stuart, Catherine, 1963- Simply Essential Disaster Preparation Kit, International Self-Counsel Press, 2002 (Call # 363.34 S92)
This book describes how to create a disaster preparation kit for both your home and car. Chapter four includes how to prepare and act during an earthquake. Also covered is how to prepare for tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, winter storms, and wildfires.

Additional material on earthquake preparedness may be found at call number: 363.3495.

Web Sites of Organizations and Online Publications

Earthquake Country is a valuable website with links to publications and additional web sites.

Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country is a useful 37-page publication available to read on-line, as a downloadable PDF file, and in a free print version you can order on-line.

Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) – Earthquakes and Hazards Maps and Information
This site has earthquake and liquefaction maps. It also provides tips for preparing your business and home for an earthquake, and for driving after a disaster.

American Red Cross – Earthquake Safety Checklist (2009)
This simple 1-page PDF flyer includes a checklist for preparing for an earthquake. Available in multiple languages.

California Earthquake Authority
The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) is a privately financed, publicly managed entity that offers residential earthquake insurance to California homeowners, renters, condominium owners, and mobile home owners.

California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services – Emergency Preparedness Tip Sheets
This site has several tip sheets describing how to prepare for an earthquake and other emergencies (e.g., preparing children, the elderly, and for your pets). There also are tip sheets in Spanish.

California Seismic Safety Commission -- Preparing for Earthquakes offers additional earthquake preparation resources.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) – Earthquake Safety at Home
FEMA has suggestions on how you can prepare your home for an earthquake. It suggests supplies you should obtain, and what you should do during a quake if you are indoors, outdoors, or in a car.

FEMA – America's Prepare-Athon
FEMA has a series of preparedness guides and resources for earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados, wildlfires, and winter storms.

Los Angeles City Fire Department – Ready LA
Readiness tips from Los Angeles.

Santa Clara County Public Health Department – Earthquake Preparedness Pocket Guide
Protect yourself and your family by downloading the Santa Clara County Public Health Department's "Pocket Guide to Emergency Preparedness," at http://bit.ly/1ouPlMm. This guide can help you in the event of a major emergency. It has information on how to plan for, and respond to, natural and man-made disasters. Helpful web sites and important, local public safety phone numbers are also included.

United States Geological Survey (USGS) – Earthquake Preparedness and Response
This site has links to earthquake preparedness websites and publications available online. The sites are primarily from government agencies and non-profit organizations.

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